Why One for Women?

One for Women is not the first low cost premium model in the maternity world, but we are the first here in Australia to really place high value on the aftercare for the new mum.

One for Women has been 14 years in the making. It came about when Stuart and Amie (One for Women founders and respective GP Obstetrician and expert Midwife) made a huge decision to turn our current maternity models on their head and create ‘the something missing’ themselves!

They heard stories of private patients paying hefty out of pocket expenses and public patients wrestling for space - yet in addition to that, none were providing the resources or support to the struggling mother that she so desperately needed.

It was no mean feat bringing together ‘the village’ of specialists under one roof and to offer it in an affordable and accessible price bracket, but they were determined to make it work. You need a village they say, so they built a village!

Imagine the expert support you’d grown to lean on in those first few days after birth was suddenly taken away once you left hospital. At home, with little or no direction, the help you desperately need (and sometimes don’t even know you do) just isn’t there - and it needs to be there, on speed dial!!

It got to them. So much so, they asked questions, more questions, and more questions.

Then they listened, to what you, their patients had to say - and from this, One for Women was born!

Our team includes specialist obstetricians, GP’s, expert midwives, and health professionals with expertise in breastfeeding, sleep issues, psychology, and physiotherapy.

Easy to access, practicing under one roof, in one location!

Your needs are our needs…  We are: One For Woman.


Obstetricians oversee women and babies’ medical needs in pregnancy, labour and directly following birth. They are fully equipped to handle high-risk deliveries.

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A midwife is a specialised health professional who is trained to care for, educate and support you through all aspects of your maternity journey – following your baby’s birth.

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General Practitioners

GP’s work with obstetricians and midwives to support you through pregnancy. Following birth, our GP’s care that both you and your baby are set up to thrive.

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