“Village is the new black” - One for Women

The ethos at One for Women is to reset the balance .  We’re committed to this ‘village’ concept.  We’re reintroducing the practice of seamless support for women through pregnancy and beyond - and being thoroughly proactive through every stage in the process.


While breastfeeding is extremely beneficial for your baby and can also help the two of you build a special bond, it’s not always easy. 

In fact, breastfeeding can be a stressful experience!

Issues vary as some women may struggle to express milk, others develop cracked or bleeding nipples, or experience engorgement and oversupply.  Then there are those Mums who have a very low breast milk supply.  Other issues can include if your baby develops digestive difficulties (such as reflux or colic) - or if your milk ducts become blocked (called mastitis).

As you can tell, breastfeeding is not always straightforward and as such requires expert support.

For this reason, One for Women have specialist professionals in this area who will empathise with and support you – no matter what your newborn’s feeding journey brings!


A midwife is a specialised health professional who is trained to care for, educate and support you through all aspects of your maternity journey – following your baby’s birth.

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Obstetricians oversee women and babies’ medical needs in pregnancy, labour and directly following birth. They are fully equipped to handle high-risk deliveries.

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Your reproductive system’s health is extremely important for pregnancy and beyond. Our caring gynaecologists provide specialist checks and advice.

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