The Low Down on the Cervical Screening Program

By Dr Erin Horsley|September 2019

Known as the Cervical Screening Test (CST), this new test is more effective than Pap Smears at preventing cervical cancers, expected to protect up to 30% more women.

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Identifying and Managing Infant Sleep Issues

By Dr Stuart Prosser|August 2019

Sleep issues, real or perceived, have a significant impact on the mental health of parents and their ability to function well cognitively. If you, as a parent, are struggling with how your baby is sleeping (or not sleeping), then it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

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Breastfeeding in the Early Weeks

By Dr Marnie Rowan and Dr Sharon Perrella|August 2019

Many new mums are concerned about having enough milk for their baby. The good news is that you can use information about how breastfeeding and milk production work to help make everything go more smoothly in the early weeks.

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Preventing Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy

By Charlyn Ooi (Dietitian)|June 2019

During pregnancy, your iron requirements will increase by 50%. If you did not have adequate iron stores to start with or struggled to consume adequate iron during pregnancy, you may be at risk of developing iron deficiency anaemia.

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The Worst Question to Ask a New Parent

By Dr Stuart Prosser|May 2019

Every time we ask a parent if their new baby is ‘sleeping well’, we are creating an expectation that is making life harder for parents than it needs to be. The conversations we’re having must change.

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