Thinking of having a baby?

By Dr Erin HorsleyGP/GP Anaesthetist|March 2019

If you’re thinking about starting a family or considering having another child, it’s a great idea to visit the One for Women clinic to chat with one of our specialist GPs first.

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When motherhood doesn’t meet expectations

By One for Women|February 2019

‘This is not what I expected.’

It’s now 14 years since I heard my patient (whom I’ll call Jane from here on) whisper those words as she sat across from me, cuddling her four-week-old baby.

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A new approach to delivering care in the fourth trimester

By Dr Stuart Prosser|February 2019

The ‘fourth trimester’ is a term used to describe the first three months post-delivery. It is a period during which the focus has traditionally been on the baby.

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4 Sleeping Success Tips for Newborns

By One For Women|January 2019

If you’re a new parent, here’s betting you’re likely dealing with the shock of having your newborn arrive home and the realisation that...

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Creating Healthy Food Habits with Toddlers

By One for Women|January 2019

What - and how - we feed our children in their first years of life is likely to have a significant impact on their long-term health...

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