What is a Midwife?

A midwife is a specialised health professional who is trained to care for, educate and support women through all aspects of pregnancy, labour and delivery.

Midwives are also qualified to provide fantastic support to new Mums and newborn babies alike during the early months following birth (aka: the postnatal period).

A midwife also understands variations in the labour process, and can assess when things may be deviating from a normal course.  Midwives are themselves competent in childbirth and at One for Women provide professional support to our obstetricians in the labour and delivery process.

Finding my way through the fourth trimester

A midwife and mother's perspective

Like so many other women, I felt a mixture of excitement, fear and anxiety when I fell pregnant for the first time. After I gave birth to my son, Isaac, that fear and anxiety didn't magically go away. Even though I'd been a midwife for five years, I struggled as a new mum. It was this experience that made me want to help women during their transition into motherhood.

Amie Canzurlo
Director of Midwifery

Our Midwives

General Practitioners

GP’s work with obstetricians and midwives to support you through pregnancy. Following birth, our GP’s care that both you and your baby are set up to thrive.

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Obstetricians oversee women and babies’ medical needs in pregnancy, labour and directly following birth. They are fully equipped to handle high-risk deliveries.

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Your reproductive system’s health is extremely important for pregnancy and beyond. Our caring gynaecologists provide specialist checks and advice.

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