You are eligible for care with us if you have access to Medicare, hold private health insurance with hospital and obstetric cover - and if yours is not a high-risk pregnancy** (including twins or multiples - or if you have a significant medical condition). To find out your eligibility status, get in touch by email: info@oneforwomen.com.au or call us on: 08 9328 0500.

**Note: if high-risk, you may still choose to receive care with One for Women, however additional charges for specialist care will apply.

Our model is primarily designed to cater for those with private health insurance, with deliveries carried out at the St John of God Mt Lawley Private Hospital.

However, should you NOT have private health insurance, you can still elect to pay for antenatal and/or postnatal care with us - and similarly pay to have your delivery with us..

If you elect to have your care through One for Women, you’ll be required to pay all of the consult costs at each appointment.  If you are eligible for Medicare, you will receive some of this cost back.


The typical out-of-pocket expense for delivering in a private hospital without private insurance depends on the mode of delivery and the length of stay but can vary from $7,500 to $11,000.  Again, if you are eligible for Medicare, you will receive some of this cost back.

At One for Women, we believe in making high quality care accessible to all patients.  As such, we work things out as best we can so you can pay less - and still get top tier care - within your Pregnancy Management Fee.

During pregnancy, you will see the same Midwife and General Practitioner at each appointment at the clinic.

You will also see one of our five Specialist Obstetrician’s at 32 weeks who will assess your pregnancy’s risk status.

The Specialist Obstetrician who delivers your baby will be the one who happens to be on call at that time.

There are also limits to the extent of care we can provide if your pregnancy is deemed high-risk.


No.  You can come to us simply by hearing about us and contacting us at info@oneforwomen.com.au, or calling us on 08 9328 0500. You can also complete our online form here.

Yes, if you’ve opted for public system care, you can switch your care across to us, provided you meet One for Women’s eligibility requirements.  Call us on 08 9328 0500. to find out more. 

You will see the same midwife at your appointments, however your obstetrician is not guaranteed to be the same one at each appointment.

St John of God, Mount Lawley Private Hospital

We are here for you from conception, and accept patients up to 38 weeks gestation.  Even if it’s too late for you to access our antenatal care, you can still participate in our postnatal care program.

Appointment times do vary, but one of our chief aims is to have you feeling supported and heard.  You will be able to develop a sense of continuity of care, especially with your Midwife.  She will pay close attention to your needs and take the time to answer any questions you may have throughout your maternity journey.

You can find out more about One for Women’s clinicians, here.

The 4th trimester or 'silent' trimester as we call it covers that period of time post birth up until around 16 weeks (4 months postpartum) where the new mum (or let's face it - second and third mum) can be experiencing some significant issues of her own.  All very normal but we've identified that any ongoing post pregnancy problems left un-checked can actually be quite damaging to the wellbeing and general health of the new mum.

They can vary from breast feeding or latching issues, specific dietary needs, physical complications (like pelvic floor damage, prolapse or recovering from c-section), mental health issues like postnatal depression, babies sleep cycle issues. As a mum you could experience one or all of the symptoms mentioned and yet our standard system leaves all of this on your shoulders to navigate alone. Google is great, but why Google when you can One For Women.

Your care is our greatest priority, talk to one of our specialist team today
call: 08 9328 0500 or email: info@oneforwomen.com.au